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While men initiate make-out and intercourse sessions nine out of ten times, it is true that they love it when their woman takes charge of situations involving intimacy and romance. Here are five things that men like about women being on top of them while having sex. Let your man lie back while you send him to a land of ecstasy and make him moan in pleasure.

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Start Your Engines To get ready have your partner lie on their back and straddle them with your knees on the side of their hips. Next allow your partner to enter you. Now, lean back and place your palms on their thighs.

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Woman on topalso called the cowgirl or riding position, is a group of sex positions in which a man sits or lies on his back with his legs closed, while the female partner straddles him usually in a kneeling position facing either forward or back, and either the man or woman inserts the man's erect penis into the woman's vagina or anus. This position is commonly cited as one of the more popular sex positions, especially by women, because of its ability to adequately stimulate the clitoris and because it gives them control over the rhythm and pace of vaginal stimulation and the extent and duration of penetration. Initially, the man typically lies on his back with his legs together, while the female partner straddles him in a kneeling position.

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Sure everyone knows that the woman on top sex position puts the woman in control of her own sexual pleasure, but it also gives you the responsibility for providing your man underneath with pleasure. How will you know if you are hitting all the right spots? How fast should you go?

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Next time things are heating up between you and your partner, take the opportunity to climb aboard and get on top. Plus, if you have trouble reaching orgasm, being on top lets you control the speed and depth, she adds, so the action is more to your liking. Which you already know, but it bears repeating.

Here are some classic her-on-top positions and their sexual benefits. The main benefit of this position is it puts your woman in control and is great for G-spot stimulation. Not only does it allow her psychological control by just being physically on top of you, but she controls the movements.

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Imagine the perfect lovemaking position: It would be comfortable, make her feel seductive and sensual and all but guarantee an earth-shattering climax for you both. Sound like a dream? Being on top offers most women more gratification than other sex styles because it lets her woman feel close to her partner while putting her in charge of her own pleasure.

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If you like to show off between the sheets, chances are that you're a big fan of the cowgirl position. But what does girl-on-top sex feel like? The Millennial Condoms Sex Survey found that women ranked cowgirl as their third-favorite positionbehind missionary sex and doggy-style, so clearly something about it feels straight-up amazing.

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