Latex paint for new stucco

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Get Directions. Q: Should I caulk the lap joints on my siding? I have heard that uncaulked lap seams allow moisture to escape.

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Working on correcting a home built in in the town of Chipley Florida. Replaced the rotted siding and excessive cualk that aided rot with Fiber Cement. Kilz paint was my only choice to finish the job right.

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From the Experts at Sherwin-Williams: Tips for homeowners on re-painting stucco. But, making it look new again is easy. Quality paint can revive the look of your stucco, giving your home a fresh, new appearance.

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Jump to navigation. A: Depends on what your intended result is. For instance, if the stucco is in good repair and you are just looking for curb appeal if you are selling a regular flat acrylic latex paint like WeatherOne from Cloverdale might be the ticket. It adheres well enough to the stucco that it will last you and the new owner a long time.

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Stucco is a particularly popular exterior finish for homes in the Southwest, but it can also be found texturing interior walls all over the country. Created by layering a cement-and-plaster compound with a variety of plastering tools, its rough appearance is both visually appealing and rather low-maintenance—a favorable combination for homeowners. When stucco appears dingy, it needs little more than a hosing off with warm, soapy water.

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If you have a house that is made out of stucco and want to refresh the look of it then stucco paint is something that you might want to look into. There are some tips and tricks that you could implement to make the job easier and make it look like a professional did it. Lets dive right into it to see what methods there are out there and what to expect from each one.

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My mom is about to have her bungalow's stucco exterior painted. She's been hearing about newer paints for stucco that are apparently elastic and supposed to last longer. Any opinions?

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Stucco is a hard surface building material similar to concrete; like concrete, it is made of cement, but has lime and sand mixed in as well. It is a breathable material full of voids that permit air and water vapors to permeate. When stucco is left untreated it moisture from the atmosphere passes freely through the material. While you would resort to paint to protect many kinds of materials, stucco is one material that is not well matched with paint.

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You may now add items to your collection anywhere you see the Add icon. Learn more about the Project Box here. Freshening up your home's exterior is a big, but rewarding, job.

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Stucco can be difficult to paint because of its uneven texture. Getting the job done right requires not only patience, concentration, and an eye for detail, but the right tools. After making any necessary repairs and pressure washing the entire surface, spread the new color over the broadest areas using a roller with a thick nap. You can then fill in the gaps with a handheld masonry brush to ensure even coverage and a clean, consistent finish.


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