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Miller accused her daughter of embarrassing her by posting sexy photos of herself on Facebook and of having sex in her Savannah home. The outraged mom continued to slap the girl across her face and body as the teen tried shielding herself and crouched in a corner. As if catering to the woman's request, the video quickly went viral, as thousands of people watched the footage on Facebook and on YouTube.

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When you date other moms, you pack extra baggies of healthy snacks and push doors open with your face while schlepping car seats. I just threw it on last minute. My toddler just threw up on it.

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We use very soft baby clothes that's gentle on your baby's skin. It's recommended to wash the baby bodysuit inside out in cold water for the first time. These baby onesies are great for first birthdays, baby shower gifts or just to put a smile on someones face.

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And I do. I care about checking homework folders and attitudes, about making the team, the dental appointments, nutritious little snacks, and memories. I plan. I punish.

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Up until a few years ago, I didn't want to be a mom. I had never wanted to experience pregnancy and I didn't envision having kids. Suddenly, my future plans changed and the idea of procreating with my partner didn't send shivers down my spine.

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I feel constant frustration and powerlessness regarding my relationship with my daughter, whom I have loved dearly since the day she was born when she was pretty like a doll and looked at me in a very direct and critical way already. She is still good looking, but not in a flashy way and she is not the sort to make much of it. I am 68 and my daughter is

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Spoiler alert: when I reached out and asked moms about the one compliment they needed to hear and why, I heard a lot of repetition. A lot. It's almost like, even among hundreds of different women from various backgrounds and walks of life, mothers have a lot of the same problems, insecurities, fears, and needs.

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Playground outings involve me parked on a bench, while my daughter get ready for this plays. Here are my 7 totally made-up secrets to be a better, lazier parent, and not ruin your kids in the process. Let them play on their own.

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For TueNight. Last month, my husband came home after a week of work travel. He brought me this incredible dress from a street market in London -- a steampunk mashup of leather and lace with a thin brass chain dangling from the neckline that somehow reads as both sweet and sexual.

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Do we have to be mean to each other though? While scrolling through the site, the singer scolded some of the candidates for posting sexy photos of themselves on a website meant for families looking to find a professional nanny. First of all, a few of the things I said were taken severely out of context.


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