Effect of technology on young adults

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Click here to log in. Spring Volume 16 Number 2. September 18, By Donna Orem.

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In case you have been living under a rock, you should know how technology plays a significant and ever-growing role in our society. The long debate has been the effects faced by teenagers and kids, being that they were born and are growing up in an era of technological revolution and therefore they are the social group most directly involved in the matter. And how will it keep impacting them in the future?

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By Jessica Vitak. Specifically, I focused my research on how Facebook is altering the methods users employ to build and maintain a network of friends. This research was facilitated by a survey of Georgetown undergraduates on their uses of various communication technologies, and especially the internet, in keeping connected with others.

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The world is more connected and digitized than it has ever been. Holmgren said although only about 10 percent of young adults are addicted to social media, 10 percent is still a significant number. Media and internet usage has steadily increased over time. According to a recent studythe number of internet users this year is more than 3.

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The impact of information technology IT on the emotional and social health of young people has had very little research, yet it is obvious that IT is playing an increasingly important part in people's lives. This article considers some of the work that has been done and mentions both positive and negative effects of the IT revolution. One such positive effect is ease of access to healthcare information for young people, who might otherwise be too embarrassed to seek it via conventional means.

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Skip to main content. While no-one would ever say that technology or social media is a totally bad thing, more and more studies are being done that are starting to reveal the harm that they are causing in society. And with young people the most likely to engage in these activities, there is a possibility that they could have an effect on how successful they are in future.

You might not understand everything your mobile phone can do, even after reading the manual, but the chances are a teen can figure it out without the book in under an hour. On their computers or their mobiles. So each new advance is just a small step forward for them, something that seems logical.

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Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. Knowing how to navigate the online social networking world is crucial for parents and teens. Being educated and talking about online experiences can help reduce any negative impacts on youth mental health and well-being. The Australian Psychology Society APS recently released a national survey looking at the impact of technology and social media on the well-being of Australians.

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Have you ever noticed how utterly dependent children are on technology, particularly mobile devices? Rather, they sat fixed on their phones, posting and self-promoting on their social media accounts. Prior to watching these kids engrossed in their phones, I was worried about my mobile usage habits.

While it is true that, when used in moderation, technology is very useful for educational and marketing purposes, but only if using the best internet marketing techniquesof course. Technology can help students with their studies. However, on the other hand, overusing technology can be quite harmful in several ways.


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