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This website uses cookies for user login, personalised content and statistics. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies - if you wish to opt-out of non-essential cookies, you may do so below. Indeed, biologists since Charles Darwin have marvelled at its amazing member, which measures in some species up to a whopping nine times the length of its body.

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Today I found out that there is a type of duck that sometimes lassos potential mates with its penis to prevent them from getting away. Most male birds do not have penises. However, most ducks do have penises.

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A penis pump is one of a few treatment options for the inability to get or maintain an erection sufficient for sex erectile dysfunction. A penis pump consists of a plastic tube that fits over the penis, a hand or battery-powered pump attached to the tube, and a band that fits around the base of the penis once it is erect constriction ring. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem, especially following prostate surgery and in older men.

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Erismatura vittata Philippi[2]. The lake duck Oxyura vittata is a small, South American stiff-tailed duck. It is also called the Argentine blue-billArgentine blue-billed duck[2] Argentine lake duckor Argentine ruddy duck.

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All men should think about penis health. A man must have a healthy penis to function as a healthy person. He needs a healthy penis to remove urine and maintain the right fluid balance in his body.

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Such organs occur in many animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate, but males do not bear a penis in every animal species, and in those species in which the male does bear a so-called penis, the penes in the various species are not necessarily homologous. For example, the penis of a mammal is at most analogous to the penis of a male insect or barnacle. The term penis applies to many reproductive intromittent organs, but not to all; for example the intromittent organ of most cephalopoda is the hectocotylus, a specialised arm, and male spiders use their pedipalps.

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We, humans, may not be endowed by nature with great physical abilities: powerful muscles or weaponry like fangs, claws, horns and so on. I'm not talking about sexual activity - at it has been proved that bonobo which is also wrongly named "dwarf chimpanzee" has more sex and much varied than the human being - but about penis size. Gorilla males, which dwarf humans in size, have minute penises compared to ours, no thicker and longer than a pencil.

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In the animal kingdompenises can be weird and wild things. Males of just about every animal species use some form of the organ to shoot sperm into females' eggs and create more little critters. But that's where the similarities end. Evolution has selected for some remarkable innovations in penis design.

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AT first glance, ducks seem harmless and kind of adorable. But some of their mating habits are truly scary and confronting. Ducks have some unusual mating habits.

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The male Argentine Lake Duck and his North American scientists have discovered the longest bird penis ever - a Dr Kevin McCracken of the University of Alaska, Fairbanksand colleagues, report in this week's Nature that they have found a specimen of the Argentine lake duck Oxyura vittata that has a penis as long as its body - nearly half a metre long.


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