The virgin birth and the incarnation

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Download audio. In our Advent series on the incarnation of God the Son, the coming into the world of the Maker of heaven and earth, the living God becoming a man to save us from our sins, we have so far considered its historicity and its mystery. We have argued that there is more than sufficient reason to believe that the incarnation is an event in history, in space and time, no matter the skepticism of many.

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For this Christmas week I thought it appropriate to post some theological quotes on the mystery of the Incarnation. In this he broadly follows Anselm if for different reasons who argued for the fittingness of the Virgin Birth based on 4 arguments:. As the curse originated with a woman Eveso it is fitting that salvation proceeds with Mary.

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The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord leads us to mediate on the ways we are presented in the Temple. At Baptism, we were also offered — set apart to participate in the life of Christ. Our earthly participation in the life of Christ is further confirmed in our individual vocations.

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Table of Contents. From data both scientific and theological, the author discusses some of the physical effects of the Fall of Adam from eating the forbidden fruit which then necessitated the Redeemer's virgin birth and incarnation, of why and how this Redeemer had to be both human and divine, and the physical aspects of the Redeemer's crucifixion and resurrection. Our redemption depends upon the kind of physical body possessed by both the First and the Last Adam. This study reveals how the Plan of Redemption determined just how God had to design mankind and even the very Universe for such an event.

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In correspondence with an old friend, a retired Princeton University professor, he detailed his objections to the Christian faith. His final remark seemed to overshadow all other considerations and was authoritatively written as if to definitively close the argument: " Nor can I believe in a virgin birth. Why is the virgin birth often the most problematic miracle to accept?

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Post a Comment. The first part of the paper will dwell on the incarnation and the later portion will contain the virgin birth of Jesus. The Christian doctrine of the Incarnation represents this strand in its most highly developed form.

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It was the result of the influence of certain beliefs and attitudes that prevailed in and around the Christian church after the first century. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church verifies this fact:. The doctrine, which took classical shape under the influence of the controversies of the 4th-5th centuries, was formally defined at the Council of Chalcedon of

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In Christian theologythe incarnation is the belief that Jesus Christthe second person of the Trinityalso known as God the Son or the Logos Koine Greek for "Word""was made flesh" [2] by being conceived in the womb of a woman, the Virgin Maryalso known as the Theotokos Greek for "God-bearer". The doctrine of the incarnation, then, entails that Jesus is fully God and fully human. In the incarnation, as traditionally defined by those Churches that adhere to the Council of Chalcedonthe divine nature of the Son was united but not mixed with human nature [3] in one divine PersonJesus Christ, who was both "truly God and truly man".

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Ten years ago, I was in the middle of my seminary education. I was studying theology and hermeneutics, singing in the choir, and washing dishes in the refectory for minimum wage. We gathered in the chapel every day at noon for worship, students, faculty, and staff praying together as a community.

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Mohler knocks it out of the park again, this time reflecting on A. Without the virgin birth, there is no explanation for the incarnation. If Jesus had a merely human father, there is no authentic connection to the incarnational theology of Paul and John in the New Testament.


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