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Lyrical, unrelentingly dark, and keenly attuned to the perils of being a teenage girl, The Virgin Suicides seemed to be one of a rare breed: a novel written by a man, from a male perspective a collective male perspective, no lessthat demonstrates the male gaze in order to actively critique it. That is, until I got to the ending. Then, I was livid.

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Walk backward intosoak in the leafy neighborhood and meet the five doomed Lisbon sisters. Cecilia Lisbon Hanna Hall is the first to go. The opening montage sees her moon face framed between clouds of pink, amidst an attempted bathtub wrist-slashing.

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But that might just be the case for Sofia Coppola: The Virgin Suicidesreleased this week in a new Criterion Collection editionwas such a confident debut in that it immediately announced her as a generational talent, a status she cemented with her Oscar-winning follow-up, Lost in Translation. In the book, the young men are beginning to think about the mysteries of sex and womanhood, and they project all of their questions and anxieties onto this strange household that eventually takes on a sort of folkloric status. The book begins with a tragedy the youngest daughter, Cecilia, attempts suicide and then succeeds on her second try and ends with something even more horrifying; but, as Coppola noted, the story is too surreal and wryly funny to ever be truly hard-hitting.

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The fictional story, which is set in Grosse Pointe, Michigan during the s, centers on the lives of five sisters, the Lisbon girls. The novel is written in first person plural from the perspective of an anonymous group of teenage boys who struggle to find an explanation for the Lisbons' deaths. Eugenides told 3am Magazine : "I think that if my name hadn't been Eugenides, people wouldn't have called the narrator a Greek chorus". As an ambulance arrives for the body of Mary Lisbon, a group of anonymous neighborhood boys recall the events leading up to her death.

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Suicide Squad may not have won over the critics, but the DC Comics adaptation is poised to win its second weekend at the box office regardless. Actress Kirsten Dunst, for one, does not seem terribly impressed with it, however. Back inshe starred in a well-received indie drama called The Virgin Suicides.

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In an interview with the Paris Review inJeffrey Eugenides admitted that the title of his career-launching debut, The Virgin Suicideswas meant to elicit a strong reaction. The story unfolds during a hot s summer, somewhere around Detroit. Cecilia, the youngest Lisbon sister, slashes her wrists but is rescued before she bleeds to death.

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The Virgin Suicides narrates the story of the Lisbon family and the multiple crises they face, particularly acute suicidal risk of all five daughters. The family experiences both major and minor crisis event throughout the film, ultimately ending with all five daughters completing suicide. While there were numerous individuals experiencing crisis, the neighborhood boys, the entire Lisbon.

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Based on the best selling debut novel of the same name by American author Jeffrey Eugenidesthe film tells of the lives of five teenage sisters in a middle-class suburb of Detroit during the late s. After the youngest sister makes an initial attempt at suicideher sisters are put under close scrutiny by their parents, eventually being confined to the home, which leads to their increasingly depressive and isolated behavior. Like the novel, the film is told from the perspective of a group of adolescent boys in the neighborhood who are fascinated by the girls. Shot in in Toronto, the film was director Sofia Coppola's debut feature.

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The book the Virgin Suicides touches on the lives of the Lisbons sisters and how they came to take their lives. Its point of view is taken from a couple of neighborhood boys who idolize the sisters, where they learn of the events from different people of the town that they and the Lisbon sisters lived in. The reasons behind the girls decision to take their lives is left as a mystery which nobody can figure out given that the girls have shown no signs of depression or any acts of self harm before their incidents.

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