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Set in the future, the original Star Trek series showed us a time where the cultural and racial tensions of the present day were long gone. Episodes commented on war, science, even religion. However, one thing the franchise has always struggled with has been the depiction of sexuality.

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Stirring and rich and full of adventure, and it always puts me in a good mode. Here's the rest: that good mood didn't last long for any of these episodes. I'm still trying to decide the best way to handle three per week, and I may eventually go back to my long essay format, but for now, let's try and choke down the misery in bite-sized chunks.

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Spock moved toward the command chair. Kirk thrust out a hand to restrain the reaching fingers. He had chosen to cross a very dangerous line.

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The following are Star Trek parodies and pop culture references that have aired on live action television shows. Max compares the bar they go to to sell their T-shirts to Ten Forward and says to watch out for Whoopi Goldberg " in a big hat. One of the recurring characters in the British sitcom 2point4 Children was a rival plumber to Ben called Jake Klinger, nicknamed Jake The Klingonwho was a hardened Trekkie or Trekker as he insisted.

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And doubly understood: It's infuriating, maddening, maybe even embarrassing to have the univited world let in on your private Tuff Hedeman moment. But, c'mon, punky! Turn that frown upside down, and, assuming you're still positioned correctly, look on the bright side: A leaked sex tape isn't only not the worst thing that can happen to a celebrity, it's the absolute best thing!

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Sign in. Spock is fascinated by Ruth, who was dipped in Venus fluid moments after her birth. Ship historian Lt

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Captain Lorca is now a hero, despite his insubordination and increasing paranoia and sociopathy. But while the episode is first about victory, its individual tragedies are likely to be more consequential when Star Trek: Discovery returns in January After surviving spore jumps, Stamets Anthony Rapp tries one last jump to get Discovery home.

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It's a common enough occurrence that it's known as a career killer: too many Star Trek stars have come and gone, leaving little to no trace of their presence in their wakes. Faster than you can say, " Beam me up, Scotty, " they disappear, careers and all. Plenty of fan theories exist as to why this happens; for starters, there are so many characters over each incarnation of Star Trek that it's bound to happen to at least some actors. Not every fan favorite can go on to become a celebrity.

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