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Illustration by Eleanor Doughty. The girls he had liked in high school were smaller in stature, a body type he now describes as "loli-like," referring to "lolitas. Camryn was 20 when he first met his step-niece, who was five years old at the time, at his stepbrother's house.

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P eople have been getting it together online for years now, whether it's via dating and contact websites or virtually via their avatars in online worlds such as World of Warcraft and Second Life. But it took a Florida plumber to develop a system that further blurs the line between the virtual and real worlds. And while he happily lost many an hour to cyberspace, there was something about SL that annoyed him.

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A virtual world where you can explode traditional gender norms. What would you say if I told you that there was a place where you could become any gender—or combination of genders—of your liking? And what if I told you that this place is free, except for the cost of a pretty good computer and Internet access, and had been up and running for more than a decade?

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Wonderland BBC2 has already established itself as a reliable source of strange people. He also knows why. Luckily, Carolyn is not a woman easily racked with guilt. By her reckoning, her biggest flaw is that she considers the needs of her family too much — and must learn to spend more time on herself.

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These days, the most exciting part of any Hollywood blockbuster is the moment when the first stills are released. The teaser images of Tim Burton's 3D Alice in Wonderland were really something, and pure Burton: dual versions, seemingly moulded from dough, of Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen with scarlet hair, cupid's-bow lips and a huge bulbous head. Such images are a lot to live up to and this Disney-produced Alice, alas, doesn't succeed.

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In our mobile world, joy and pleasure should be within your reach, whenever and wherever you are. Lazeeva is your gateway to a joyful universe. Hand-picked apps that stimulate your mind and tease your senses.

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Navigate this Section. Ross Ballroom, on Saturday, February 27, Guests attending the party entered Wonderland through an eight foot long rabbit tunnel wearing their fanciest, silliest, and craziest hats and were greeted by characters from the book played by the Panola College volleyball team.

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In one corner, people in plastic helmets, kneeling on the floor, waving their right hands in the air. Across the room, a church bell was ringing while a group of Italians explained that it came from a town that did not exist. Next door, a woman twiddled an object the size of a tennis ball as she stared at a computer screen. This was VR94 last week, an annual shindig for the virtual reality industry.

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For many, living in a futuristic community where your every move is recorded would be more of an Orwellian nightmare than a utopian vision, writes Chloe Scott. Inside the shimmering buildings there is a wireless village. Discuss the concept of Helsinki Virtual Village further.

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Perhaps, he appears to suggest, students who can construct such a virtual world for themselves are indeed capable of reshaping their own lives to match their dreams. From an acclaimed Sports Illustrated journalist, the all-American story of a high school and its larger-than-life prom. Pennsbury High School would be like any other were it not for one thing: its prom. For one year, the students, parents, and teachers of Pennsbury invited Michael Bamberger, a senior writer for Sports Illustratedinto their classrooms, their homes, their parties, and their dreams.


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